HTM Yhtiöt Ltd provides its customers detailing service with great professionality and most of our clients are buying the detailing services directly from us.

However if you choose to order the rebars for your site yourself, we want to provide you with the option to do so.

FastRebar detailing is a fast and easy-to-use tool to detail the needed rebars. The software is made specifically for HTM Yhtiöt customers.

You can detail all the needed rebars with the software and send the encrypted file along your order to your direct contact person or by email to

With the software you can make the order and delivery process easier and faster, and you can decide the preferred deliveries for the rebars to your construction site.

Order the FastRebar program for your own use

Instructional video for FastRebar users

Before installing FastRebar software, watch enclosed short video about FastRebar use and install