Reinforced Concrete Piles

HTM Pile products include concrete piles and steel components that remove the load in piles.

  • Piling classes II and IB LPO 2005
    • 250 x 250 mm²
    • 300 x 300 mm²
    • 350 x 350 mm²
  • The piles consistent with piling instruction 2011 according to RT pile product magazine 2011
  • HTM special piles are available according to the customer’s needs.
  • Piling equipment, rock shoes, sand shoes, ram head collars
  • Pile splice (torque rigid) for commonly used pile types

The production methods of the HTM Piles are new and they are mainly concentrated on the processing industry. The concrete mix is produced in nearly automated processes. A lot of attention is paid to the most important early moments of the lifespan of the concrete - the conditions are constant and sheltered from the weather. The piles are highly standardized products for the house building industry and the infrastructure construction.

The production plants of HTM Piles belong to the sphere of the inspection of SFS-Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy.